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So, you became an author and now what?

From my experience, I can share that the hardest part was not the actual writing but everything else that came afterwards.

You did the easy part (or so I thought when I did it).

  1. Planned and outlined the novel.

  2. Wrote it.

  3. Re wrote it.

  4. Self-edited it.

  5. Re wrote it.

  6. You self-edited the final product.

Now comes the hard part. How do you do the following–yourself or hire a professional?

  1. Editing

  2. Proofreading

  3. Typesetting

  4. Professional author bio.

  5. Creating a book blurb.

  6. Distribution

  7. Promotion

Then you start the process again in your next novel!

Steps 1-6 takes a lot out of you but it is so satisfying!

Steps 7-13 also can take a lot out of you or you can pay someone hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars to do them for you. I know, for I spent hours and hours researching, meeting, and speaking with other authors about the process.

You do a mix of these.

Don’t know which service provider you should choose? Don’t know how to go about it? Then just give me a quick email and reach out!

What should look for in each of these steps is what I can help you with at no cost (or minimal cost) giving you the feedback you need that will help ensure your work grabs readers, keeps their interest throughout, and brings you a satisfying product.

Have you wondered what it costs for developmental and substantive editing? The range is $500 to $3500 (average price range) and I know it can be even higher depending on the project.

After you’ve fine-tuned the content in your novel, you are ready for quality control.

Now you get into what it will cost you for copyediting and/or proofreading services. These range from $250 to $2,400 (again, an average price range; with each project scope varying the price).

Add now pricing for book blurbs, an author bios, an agent/publisher letter queries, sales pitches, and synopses and you can receive prices near $200 – $1000 and if you want a proposal, developed it may even be more.

If you are looking at translations, well, they start in the $10,000 range for an average novel size (75,000 words).

OK, you now have your novel. Now you are ready to bring your baby into the world!

Which way do you go?

You have four business models to choose from.

Traditional Publishing

Full Service/Assisted Business Model

Hybrid Business Model

Independent Business Model

In this model, the author (you) is more or less in a partnership with the publisher and you can look at it like more than a business contract.

In this model, the publishing company will take all the work of producing all your products, pay you an advance, keep the rights to your products.

In this model, it may take a surprisingly long time to publish a book; sometimes, over 18 months. Typical royalties are in the 10% to 15%.


In this model, the author (you) pays a service company; virtually no one is turned away.

Typically, it easy to sever relationship since you may have an escape clause in your contract. The service company with cater to many budget categories and may offer scaled packages based on your needs.

In this model, the author (you) pays a service company/ publisher upfront but is selected and vetted in some way so there is no guarantee that your book may be published.

The service company will pay you a royalty just like a publisher.

It may be harder to sever relationship and you may have a greater marketing and promotion support (with added expense)

In this model, the author (you again) directly hires any help needed. A bit more work for you, but with a much greater chance of profit at the end.


There are many more caveats for the above business models, far too many to compile here and we can discuss them at your leisure, so give me a tingle at +61-0402-984-086. Or email me at

Production | Distribution | Promotion

Each of the business models above present you with these options. The traditional publishing model has minimal cost to you (depending on your contract with the publishing company), while the full service and hybrid model each have their own costs. The one business model I can comfortably speak with you about and guide you is the independent model.

It can take you from three (3) to nine (9) months to take your book from a draft manuscript to a completed novel, covering all your print and e-book publishing needs. I can help you with the unknowns in the minefield of indie-publishing and help you convert your finished work into a published:

  1. Print book–Paperback or Hardcover | Regular Print or Large Print.

  2. E-book

  3. Audiobook

  4. CD

Your costs working with me?

Zero. Nil. Nada. Zilch! (OK, only if you believe our time together was worth it and my advise good enough for a donation).

 But your donation will pale compared to what is some folks are charging in the current market for similar advise.

After all this, you know what is the best part?

Once I get you set up, you keep all the profits.

To give you an idea of costs, look at this table for creating an 88,000-word document into an A5 document size book:


Development Editing

 $   650.00

Copy Editing

 $   250.00


 $   150.00


 $   125.00

Book Blurb

 $   100.00

Author Bio

 $   100.00

ISBN (10)

 $   143.00

E-book Creation

 $   100.00

Audiobook Creation


CD Creation

 $     35.00

Author Website

 $   650.00

Promotional Material*

 $   125.00

Print Books – Regular Print (10)

 $   110.00

Print Books – Large Print (10)

 $   160.00



*Only includes print promotional material–no Google Ads, Facebook ads. **Does not include the cost of my time.

 As you can see, it cost me a lot less to produce my novel (Books, Pens & Larceny) than the average cost out in the market.

So, if you have an interest in chatting a bit and live in Sydney, Australia, a cup of coffee is all that it will take for me to share my journey and answer your questions or if overseas a quick chat on SKYPE will be also good.